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Team Audition!


  • Do you want to be professionally trained by some of the best teachers and performers in the UK?
  • Do you want to be invited to Oxford College Balls and perform amazing routines?

Join the Oxford University Salsa Team!

We are happy to announce that the Oxford University Salsa Society (OUSS) is now seeking new members for the Oxford University Salsa Team (OUST) 2017/2018! Salsa dancers of improver/intermediate level and above are welcome to audition for the team and we are looking for motivation, commitment and good team spirit! The team will work on a fast-paced On1/On2* (LA/Cross body style) routine with footwork, partner work and lifts. The main performance we will be working towards is the annual Oxford Salsa Ball in early May (date likely to be Friday 11th May), but there will also be the chance to perfom at many other salsa parties and events in the UK (or even abroad!) in the surrouding weeks.
The team will be coached by Gilberto Prado Mendez and Shelley Cook de Prado who are among the best and most experienced salsa teachers, competitors and performers in the UK! Named as “The UK’s Best Salsa Performers”, they have appeared on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and are well-known internationally for their creativity, unique turn patterns, musicality and shines that they teach with an absolute emphasis on technique. They have years of experience in training dancers of all levels and are the founders of Pexava Dance Company in London. Their semi-professional team, “Alma de Pexava” regularly represents UK salsa across Europe and last year Gil and Shelley brought success to the OUST by taking team members to perform at not one, but two international congresses! The collaboration between OUST and Gil and Shelley is also very inspirational because Shelley started learning salsa with the OUSS while she was studying in Oxford! Gil and Shelley are without doubt amongst Europe’s best teachers, so come and learn their secrets!
* The timing of the routine (On1 vs On2) has yet to be decided - in previous years the routine has always been On2, but we're contemplating doing it On1 this year to be more accommodating to the larger cohort of On1 dancers in Oxford. The audition will be held On1, however, if it turns out there is a majority preference for On2 among the selected dancers, we will switch back to doing an On2 routine.  
About the audition process: The audition is at Wesley Memorial Church in the Hall - walk down the right hand side of the main church sanctuary to the reception area, and then turn right once inside to approach the entrance of the hall. We will get you to sign up by writing down your name, email address, phone number and university if you are a student. There is no need to bring a partner to the audition and both students and non-students are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes, dancing shoes (no problem if you do not own a pair – just make sure you avoid sticky shoes), and bring plenty of water. During the audition, there will be some social dancing to warm up and then Gil and Shelley will teach some shines and partner work. After the audition, those selected will be invited to attend the first 4 weeks of training, (starting the following Monday 23rd October). These initial training sessions will focus on technique, and at the end of the 4 weeks, the final team will be chosen. There will be two sessions each week - one on Monday evenings with Gil and Shelley and a second one on Wednesday evenings to practice amongst ourselves what we're being taught. These sessions will be held every week during university term time, and regular attendance is expected. Dancers who only take part in the first 4 weeks will pay reduced fees. So save the date in your calendar and don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! If you have any questions, feel free to message Matthew Law.
Please join the Facebook event page as well for more updates.
 We are looking forward to seeing you there!

  For further inspiration, below are some performance videos! OUST 2016/2017 routine: https://www.facebook.com/836031393174297/videos/1210385009072265/ Gil and Shelley: https://youtu.be/fBuxduBrJiQ https://youtu.be/Wcm34IDUAtQ Alma de Pexava - Gil and Shelley's semi-pro team: https://youtu.be/M3xY9xm56vE https://youtu.be/KCZ-z-XiuS4