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Manu Ramos


Manu was born in Peru but moved to Spain while he was still a child. He started dancing Cuban salsa in Spain when he was 17 years old, and from there he went on to explore salsa On1. Most of his learning has been autodidactic and his knowledge was gained from watching professionals and social dancers, and practising relentlessly. Manu’s salsa journey took him to learn New York style salsa On2, and he had the opportunity to meet Frankie Martinez and Eddie Torres, who not only inspired his dancing but also stimulated him to start his own collection of salsa music.   Manu is very passionate about salsa music from the 70’s, which is the music that he listened to growing up as a child in Peru and Spain. Since then he has been DJ’ing regularly at salsa events for 13 years and has assembled an extensive collection of party songs. Nowadays he DJ’s at some of the biggest and most popular salsa parties in the UK, including Pexava socials, Mambo City ULU, Palladium, Bailadura, as well as Salsa Central Oxford here in Oxford.
He has 14 years of salsa teaching experience, as well as having performed throughout Europe with his former partner, under the stage name Sabor & Bembé. Since moving to the UK, Manu has started teaching at “Latin Ice” in London. He has also started performing with his new dance partner, Meri, in London. Manu lives and breathes salsa – the dancing, the music, the culture. He brings authenticity and exudes infectious enthusiasm. For him, salsa is not a dance, it’s not music, it’s a way of life.