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Salsa classes

This academic year 2019-20 the weekly salsa classes will take place on Tuesdays during term time at the Moser Theater in Wadham College. There will be 2 different levels of L.A. style salsa classes for beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers, and this year we will introduce you Cuban Salsa Rueda for the first time!

There are 3 different classes for 2 different styles and levels:

7-8pm Salsa L.A. Style Beginner level with Nico & Laura

8-9pm Salsa L.A. Style Intermediate level with Steve & Gwyneth

9-10pm Cuban Salsa Rueda with Sam and Jordan

Each lesson will have a component addressing body posture awareness and will include a warm-up, shines, and styling. Please note that lessons will build on each other therefore it is recommended not to skip lessons for your level so that you can reap the benefits the classes.

There will also be an additional class every Wednesday at Oxford Retreat (1-2 Hythe Bridge Street):

7.30-8.30pm L.A. Style Beginner level Salsa with Paul,or beginner level Bachata with Sergio

This Beginners class on Wednesdays is followed by a social dancing until 11.30 pm. The night does not end up there, but with Reggaeton until the end of the night!

Classes are available to everyone; both university students and non-students are welcome. Society membership is not required to attend classes (but certainly beneficial!).

Prices per class are:
£4 (for members)
£6 (for non-members)

Prices for Social and Class at Nomad on Wednesdays:
£4 (for members)
£6 (for non-members)