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Sarah Leyla has been part of the Oxford dance community since 2010, though she’s been a movement lover all her life. She was born in the home-place of bachata, the Dominican Republic, where it is part of the culture to dance merengue, salsa, reggaetón and bachata regularly surrounded by friends and family. She also grew up playing several sports competitively, including volleyball and tennis. Eventually, it was a sports injury that brought her more seriously to yoga and to choosing it as a career after her DPhil at Oxford University. Today, she practices and teaches yoga as a counterpart to a busy lifestyle, to improve body awareness and as a way to heal the body, the mind and the soul. Sarah loves the potential for creativity, fluid movement and therapy in yoga; and she designs classes with the intention to help students understand their own bodies; so that they can move in the world (and on the dance floor!) in a safer, more conscious, and intelligent way. Her classes weave together deliberate breath-work and flavourful music, so be prepared to move to Latin and Afro beats from time to time! It has been Sarah’s dream to offer yoga to dancers of the Oxford community for years, because she has experienced first-hand how the practice has improved her balance, strength, flexibility and spine mobility (hello body-rolls!). She now teaches open level yoga specifically for dancers on Wednesdays 6-7pm at Estia Wellspace. For information about other classes and workshops find her on Facebook or Instagram @sarahleylayoga. Chat, start a conversation and type a message…

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