Ever wanted to try a new type of dance? Ever wanted to fully express yourself in music? Ever wanted to instantly connect with someone and live in a moment? If yes, welcome to Salsa. Get involved. Get inspired. Get dancing.

The Oxford Salsa and Bachata Society is a student-run society providing weekly Salsa and Bachata classes. We also organise social dancing evenings every Wednesday so that you can practise the moves you learnt in the classes, and meet a lot of cool people!

Our classes, socials and parties are promoted in the local community. The society is managed by and provides classes primarily for students. Our events attract a wide audience of people ranging from students and staff from the University of Oxford to professionals of all ages from Oxford and surrounding cities such as London and Birmingham. So put on your dancing shoes and come join us!

You can subscribe to our Facebook page to learn about our next events. We have also just started an Instagram site, in which we will weekly upload snaps and videos at our events, so please follow us!