Gwyneth is one of our new Oxford University Salsa Society teachers for the academic year 2019-20, she will be teaching the Improvers and Intermediate class together with Matei. Gwyneth is also our DJ for the weekly socials every Wednesday at the Retreat.

Gwyneth started dancing 10 years ago and became doubly hooked when moving to London and discovering it’s huge and vibrant dance scene, quickly developing a reputation for always knowing where to go for the next best party. She has had a passion for latin music since she started dancing and listens to it constantly off the dance floor too. Hailing from the London salsa scene, she plays a blend of the best classic and contemporary salsa and is always on the lookout for new hit songs.

When teaching salsa, Gwyneth focuses on building an excellent lead and follow technique to get you ready for the dance floor, and for every move your partner throws your way!

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