Laura and Paco

Hi! My name is Laura and I am from Spain. I started my dance journey eight years ago in Madrid with salsa and I have not stopped since! Thanks to dance I was able to find an incredible community when I moved to Oxford seven years ago and I will always be grateful. From taking regular salsa and bachata classes with Sergio, to joining the salsa team two years in a row, the personal value of my dance experience is immeasurable. I am very lucky that I can dedicate myself to my passion as a part-time job and I have been teaching at the OUSS since 2018. I try to share my love for dancing in every lesson and how to make your dance your own. Musicality is a must. No song is going to be like the previous one. Each song and each instrument tells a story and the body will dance in tune with them. In our classes we try to transmit that love for music itself.

My personal mantra is “energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is danced”, and that energy is what I apply in every dance and every class. Our regular classes take place on Mondays (term-time) but you can also find me occasionally at the Wednesday sessions at Oxford Retreat and eventually at parties.

To stay tuned of my whereabouts you can follow me on my instagram