Committee 2022/23




Sekela Nancy Ngamilo

Hello! I’m Sekela, a law student who fell in love with social dancing in November 2021 when a friend invited me to a social. I love being able to connect with myself, others and the music through social dancing. Latin social dancing has brought me a lot of joy and as President, I strive to spread that joy to all. My mantra has been “everyone should have the chance to dance”!



Maria Rischitor

Learning to dance salsa and bachata was one of the things I was most excited about at the start of university.  I have always loved any kind of dance at a recreational level, for fun and to meet new people, so I was so glad to find out that that’s what society is all about. Coming to classes as a complete beginner,  I was immediately put at ease by the welcoming atmosphere. Salsa and Bachata Society not only has so many opportunities to improve as a  beginner, intermediate, or advanced level dancer but also the chance to regularly practice what you’ve learned at the weekly social dancing event.

Sankalp Garud

Hola! I’m Sankalp and I am studying for a DPhil in Psychology at Oxford. I had my first salsa dance back in school, but I formally started taking classes at the salsa soc at UCL. I’ve also taken lessons with Cornel and Rithika in Mumbai. Between salsa and bachata, I prefer Bachata because it’s, well, less tiring! I’m keen on supporting the dance community here at Oxford, and that’s why I’m helping with the finances!

Bachata Team Captain
Filip Ferdinand Falk Hartelius

Salsa Team Captain
Hannah Paul

Social Secretary
Gwyneth Anne

Senior Member
Philip Torr

Role: General dogsbody/executive without portfolio.

Professor in Computer Vision/Machine Learning. Passionate about dancing, I have been involved with the Oxford University Salsa Society for several years, providing continuity, and interested to promote dance at Oxford, especially BSK: Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba. There is a lot of evidence that dance is an excellent stress relief and that learning complex exercises promotes the growth of new brain cells, as well as improving all round fitness-a perfect addition to any study/research programme!!


IT Officer
Ludmil Petkov

I started dancing  Cuban Salsa Rueda at Cranfield University. After that, I enrolled in a Cyber-Security programme at Oxford Brookes University. In Oxford, I found a thriving Oxford University Salsa Society that organises various events and classes.   


Marketing/Sponsorship office
Joanna Mackie

I have always loved dancing since I was small, and I’ve now been dancing salsa for over 10 years! During this time I have been in various salsa performance teams and have performed at exciting UK salsa congresses and parties. I am now part of Alma de Pexava, a semi-professional team in London. I have also taught salsa (and a little bachata), mostly when I was at university in Scotland, where I set up a salsa society. I love dancing, the energy, music and social aspects are unbeatable! You are likely to spot me on the dance floor of the awesome parties held in and around Oxford.

Ball Organizer 
Gwyneth Anne

Gwyneth is our DJ for the weekly socials every Wednesday at the Retreat.

Gwyneth started dancing 10 years ago and became doubly hooked when moving to London and discovering its huge and vibrant dance scene, quickly developing a reputation for always knowing where to go for the next best party. She has had a passion for Latin music since she started dancing and listens to it constantly off the dance floor too. Hailing from the London salsa scene, she plays a blend of the best classic and contemporary salsa and is always on the lookout for new hit songs.

When teaching salsa, Gwyneth focuses on building an excellent lead-and-follow technique to get you ready for the dance floor, and for every move, your partner throws your way!

Doorsitters’ Manager 
Nataly Chuchon