Gonzo and Joss

Goncalo & Josielyn are the Kizomba, Kizomba Fusion and Urban Kiz teachers of the Kizomba Fusion dance school.

Both of them have been dancing and teaching kizomba for a few years and throughout this period they have developed their own style of Kizomba. Their interpretation combines various elements including Kizomba and Urban Kiz steps, sharp accelerations & slowing down moments as well as energetic power moves (either created by themselves or inspired in different dance genres). All of these are incorporated taking special attention to the musicality rules.

Kizomba Fusion classes are not always focused on routines. They have different methods of teaching which often focuses on specific techniques in order to not only teach certain moves but, most importantly, to promote self expression and creativity in helping the students to develop and create their own routines portfolio.
Their classes are fun and uplifting, as they always focus on engaging on a personal level and promoting the interaction between all students.

Besides weekly classes, Kizomba Fusion also focus in other ways of expressing their passion and knowledge for Kizomba:

These can include monthly parties, Kizomba music productions, Video shooting editing, marketing materials and even a dedicated YouTube channel with free classes and Kizomba content (regularly updated).

Come and try our class. We are confident you will have a good time.