Team 2022/23 Ethos

Part of the society is the Salsa Team, which is a performance team that provides entertainment at events such as the Oxford University Salsa Ball, Oxford College balls, national salsa congresses, charity events and dance festivals throughout the UK.

The performance team consists of talented and dedicated dancers who are selected at the start of each academic year through auditioning. They are first trained to perfect their technique and then go on to learn a choreography taught by our coaches.  Once ready, the team performs their show at various events, where they are also able to provide salsa classes to engage the guests.

Former performance team members have continued to progress in their dancing with some becoming professional choreographers and others reaching stardom such as our former team coach Shelley Cook de Prado, and also Fabhiola Oviedo. Both of these talented dancers starred in the motion picture Cuban Fury alongside Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd.


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